About Your Photographer

Lover of jesus. momma to 3 babies. photographer. traveler. drew is a mother to 3 sweet children. cole, my sweet adopted baby boy and first child. he made me a young mother at 18. scarlett, my second baby girl is a spitfire, and sloane who is only 20 months younger than her sister is our “mean mug” and loves to pick on her siblings. they keep me on my toes, no doubt! i love them more than life itself. from a very young age i’ve always had a camera in my hand. when i was 8 years old i would use my parent’s disposable film camera, throw a blanket up on a doorframe and dress my sister up and take photos. one year for christmas my father purchased my very first point and shoot kodak digital camera. i would take it to school and photograph my friends in their free time, on the weekends they’d load up and go scout out locations and do photoshoots. by the the age of 15, i was photographing other peers in school for their senior and family photos for money. the rest is history. jo years later and my passion for photography is still on fire like never before! if you’re looking for a photographer that will work patiently with your children to make them smile, and capture those precious keepsake mo-ments, or if you’re in need of a wedding photographer for your special day, look no further. drew is a self taught, natural and studio light photographer that lives in the oklahoma/arkansas area, and frequently travels to the joplin mo area as well. my love for travel is on fire! book me anywhere, anytime and i’ll be there! i want to provide my clients with heirloom photographs that last a life-time. your dresses will fade, flowers will die, your babies will grow up, but your photographs will last a lifetime.